friends eating in a restaurant


This place is amazing. The view alone is breathtaking. You can easily see the skyline of the whole Nevada area here. I cannot believe at first that there is a place like this just in the heart of Henderson. I’ve been coming here for years already but this is the first time I managed to scout this place. Their food is even as amazing as the view. Truly, you cannot any more ask for more here.


It was the first time I come to this place and I was impressed. Honestly, this place is very relaxing starting from the decors up to the food and even the music that flows all over the place. It is easy to feel like home here. What I will suggest to you is to come here during the sunset. The play of the colors on the horizon is really amazing and one-of-a-kind. It will make you fall in love with it over and over. What more is that the food here is really well-planned and well-prepared. The steak is cooked to perfection. What more is that the drinks are great too. I highly recommend those handcrafted ones especially since they are locally made. Nothing can beat them when it comes to goodness. Try it nowhere with your friends and family.


VU NYC is a restaurant that can appeal to you no matter your preference is. You may think that this place is fine-dining. It can be but it can also be casual. You can be yourself here and just be comfortable. When you come here, among the things you should never overlook are their drinks. They are really impressive. What adds to its appeal is that it can only be found here. So make sure to have a taste of the variety available.